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Short Overview

Officially Tanzania’s smallest national park, tiny Rubondo Island on the heart of Africa’s largest Lake packs a lot into its 240 square kilometres. Known as the Jewel of Victoria, Rubondo Island National Park boasts a unique diversity of Flora and Fauna including the endemic Sitatunga.

Other animals you’re likely to spot in the park include hippos, otters, Bushbucks, Mongoose, Elephants, Suni Antelope, and a variety of primates that have even been known to include the park’s resident Chimpanzee population.

In addition to all of this animal life, the park is also a recognized destination for bird lovers, with a huge variety of Bird-life calling the forested Island home.


  • Size: 258 square kilometres.
  • Location: Northwestern Tanzania.
  • Best Time: June to August.
  • To Do: Walking safaris, Boating, Fishing, and Chimpanzee trekking.
  • Known For: Birding.

Details of Rubondo Island National Park

A series of eleven islands at the heart of Lake Victoria, the world’s second-largest lake, Rubondo National Park is a picturesque paradise populated with a mix of native animals and introduced species such as the chimpanzee, elephant, and giraffe.

The park’s beaches and a virgin forest is a sight to behold, and in the wooded interior can be found a dizzying array of Birdlife as well as the semi-aquatic sitatunga Antelope that is hard to spot elsewhere in the country.

More a place for relaxation and Fishing than game viewing, Rubondo makes for a great add-on to a longer safari along the Northern Circuit or between Tanzania and Kenya.