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11Mahale Mountains National Park

Mahale Mountains National Park

Short Overview This remote park offers some of the greatest visitor attractions, from walking safaris, chimpanzee viewing in their natural habitat, a climb to Mount Nkungwe, and snorkeling in Lake Tanganyika. Accessible is only by boat or by air, so it makes it the least accessible and least visited. Info Size: 1613 square kilometers. Location: Western Tanzania near […]

Katavi National Park

Short Overview The Katavi National Park offers the few visitors who make it there a taste of true wilderness with large wildlife herds such as Buffaloes, Elephants, and Hippos. Some of the attractions of Katavi National Park are Lake Katavi, the Katuma River, and the Lake Chada floodplains. Info Size: 4,471 km² Location: Southwestern Tanzania […]
11Katavi National Park
11Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve

Short Overview Weighing in at over four times the size of the Serengeti, the Wild frontiers of the Selous Game Reserve are home to a dizzying number of animals including over 200,000 Cape Buffalo, 80,000 Wildebeest, 30,000 Elephants, and the country’s most stable African Wild Dog population. The Park is also home to Tanzania’s largest […]

Rubondo Island National Park

Short Overview Officially Tanzania’s smallest national park, tiny Rubondo Island on the heart of Africa’s largest Lake packs a lot into its 240 square kilometres. Known as the Jewel of Victoria, Rubondo Island National Park boasts a unique diversity of Flora and Fauna including the endemic Sitatunga. Other animals you’re likely to spot in the […]
11Rubondo Island National Park
11Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park

Short Overview The Ruaha National Park is a fantastic place for those with a thirst for blood to see Predators and prey interacting as they have for millennia. Info Size: 10,300 square kilometres. Location: Central Tanzania. Best Time: Mid May to December. To Do: Game drives, stone age ruins, and hiking. Known For: Predator-prey viewing, Elephants, and Kudu.   Details of Ruaha National Park […]

Kitulo National Park

Short Overview One of the most important Watersheds for the Great Ruaha River, Kitulo is well known for its Floral significance – not only a multitude of Orchids but also the stunning yellow-orange red-hot poker and a variety of Aloes, Proteas, Geraniums, Giant Lobelias, Lilies and Aster Daisies, of which more than 30 species are […]
11Kitulo National Park
11Mkomazi National Park

Mkomazi National Park

Short Overview Offering fantastic views of Kilimanjaro and a large population of African game, Mkomazi is an often-overlooked Tanzanian Gem with a number of species easier to see here than anywhere else in Tanzania. Animals large and small call the park home, including Big Cats, Silver-Backed Jackals, Kudu, Giraffes, Grant’s Gazelle, Hyenas, Hartebeest, Warthogs, Buffaloes, […]

Saadani National Park

Short Overview One of Tanzania’s newest parks and its best-kept secrets, Saadani National Park is where the Indian Ocean meets the East African bushlands.  East Africa’s only the Beachfront National Park, a visit to Saadani is something truly unique. Info Size: 1,062 square kilometers. Location: North coast of Tanzania. Roughly 100km north of Dar Es Salaam. Best […]
11Saadani National Park
11Gombe Stream National Park

Gombe Stream National Park

Short Overview It’s a great place to see chimps up close and personal as many of the family groups are habituated to humans. With the possible exception of Mahale Mountains National Park, no other park in Africa can offer such a magnificent experience with chimpanzees. It is a park without roads, where you can walk […]

Udzungwa Mountain National Park

Short Overview A paradise for bird watchers, flower lovers, and primate-seeking visitors. Udzungwa Mountains National Park is perhaps Tanzania’s most important sanctuary of terrestrial biodiversity. Udzungwa has many other Mammals and maybe safari is not the typical safari game you’d expect of Tanzanian National Parks. Is an esoteric safari destination for true nature lovers. Its […]
11Udzungwa Mountain National Park